Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festivals, a donkey, and a car battery.....

K enjoyed the fall festival at church. He rode the pony all by himself, mainly because the little lady in the background told me that I could not walk with him. She then told him to sit up straight (and he listened to her) which was funny to me. As parents, and a grandparent, we were of course acting a fool and waving each time that he circled around and he would raise his eyebrows and give us an excited look. I think he did it just to make us happy. There was also a petting zoo. The animals were just roaming free, which made me nervous ( I think pregnancy makes me jittery anyway and the fact that my Paw Paw made me believe that all animals in the horse like family kick you when you walk behind them) So, I was watching K play around the animals and walk behind them and was caught by surprise when another toddler ran and latched on to my leg. I almost had a heart attack because I thought that a rabid animal had attacked me. He also love the jumpy things.
Some of you will appreciate the picture of me below........................
And lastly this is random story that happened to the husband at the local Auto Zone a while back and it makes me laugh!
Employee: How can I help you?

Brannon: I think that my car battery may be dead.

Employee: Have you tried to jump it off.

Brannon: Yes, but it will not even attempt to crank.

Employee: Did you leave a light on or something?

Brannon: No, my wife drove it and now it will not crank.

Brannon: I did notice that it stinks really badly.

Employee: The battery stinks?

Brannon: Yeah, it stinks, it is horrible.

Employee: Like…… when you drink a 12 pack of Blue Bulls…..the next morning…… that first poot?

Brannon: (speechless)

Employee: Yeah, it’s dead.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daddy is starting strength training a little early!

Ice cream break after a little football


Catch daddy!

Hey guys..........can I play?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddy's Mini Me

Just when I think that K may look a little like me I get this picture. Nope, just like his daddy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ugly Pregnant Syndrome

I am in a fashion crisis. The cause............pregnancy. I truly have good intentions of getting up and "fixing" myself up before work but I am failing miserably. I once swore that I would never, ever wear a moo moo during pregnancy but now I would pay good money for one. Actually I would not pay good money. That is half of the problem, I don't want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes so I am throwing together what has been handed down and what is comfortable. I look a mess really. Today, I have on a long blue jean skirt (which I would never wear unpregnatized) some flat shoes with ribbons (which I would never wear unpregnatized) and a faded black shirt (which has made been passed through and worn by atleast 3 pregnant women) I attempted to do my make up but it just did not apply well. My hair is not too horrible but it still has some body to it due to sleeping on it. It should be flat by 11:00. I lay in the bed in the morning and debate with myself about getting up. The husband keeps waiting for me to go to work in my pajamas. You can get away with a lot being pregnant but I don't think that pajamas would pass. It is pitiful! I am just too tired to get all of this moving. Plus, K has started coming and getting in bed with me early in the morning and he is just too precious to leave. He wraps his arms around my neck and breathes his little stinky breath in my face. It is just too precious to leave. I lay there and bargain........5 more minutes if I do my make-up in the car...........15 more minutes if I don't wash my hair..............5 more minutes if I lay here and visualize what I am going to put on instead of getting up to look in the is sad really! Oh well, hopefully I will not "let myself go" forever.

On second thought, Maybe if I continue to dress in this fashionless manner someone will turn me in to "What not to wear" and I can go to New York and be given a $5,000 shopping spree. That would ROCK!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning: A touch depressing

Saturday will be 4 years since dad has died. I am pretty sure that this has been the toughest "anniversary yet". Pregnancy and hormones probably have a lot to do with it. I have just gotten off the phone with the phone nurse describing to her my "panic attack" symptoms. You have heard people say that they find it "hard to breathe", well I can relate. I have felt this way many times before. I found it hard to breathe the day he died. I sometimes find it hard to breathe when missing him overwhelms me and I am finding it hard to breathe tonight. It is in these times that I am humbled and have to say to God, you are going to have to breathe for me, I just can't do it right now..................and he does. It is wierd, it is like all of the emotions build up and take over your body. I have rationed all week that he would not want to come back to this life....that no matter how much I wish he were here to see my children, he sees them and the joy that he is experiencing being with Jesus is greater than even grandchildren can provide. I also know that he will see them one day. I am however in a selfish mood and want him here tonight. I want to hold his soft hand, I want to lay beside him in the crack between the regular bed and his hospital bed the way I used to, I want to hear him tell me that I am probably gaining too much weight, I want him to wake me up 10 times during the night to ask me to change the channel, I want to tell him that I love him, I want to see him in full camoflauge attire because the weather has a little coolness in it, I want to hear him sing, I want to hear him laugh, I want to be embarrassed at how loud he yells at football games, I want to dance with him, I want to ask him how he suffered a terrible illness and never complained, I want to tell him that I miss him.........oh how I miss him..................I realize that this is a terribly depressing post but.................................I can breath now.