Thursday, July 31, 2008

K turned the big 2 last week and has been having what I like to call some "Terrific Two" moments. Zig Ziglar says not to call them terrible. The other day he was just ill. He had been tossed around all day from place to place with short, scattered naps. This tiredness led to many a dramatic fit. He could not be satisfied. He threw several fits on the floor, in the bathtub, and even a fit involving a poopy diaper. Poop was everywhere! I finally wrestled him to the rocking chair, with shampoo still in his hair, and he gave up the fight. He went from a two year old monster to a precious little angel in a matter of minutes. I sat there rocking and thinking how much I loved him even though he had momentarily lost his mind.

I then began thinking how God was using this very moment to give me a picture of myself and him. How many times I have done the wrong thing, been rebellious, and acted just plain terrible. During these times I have felt him wrestle with me, discipline me, and most of me. I can picture him looking down at me when I am asleep (with my mouth wide open) and thinking "Isn't she the sweetest thing you have ever seen, I love her so much." I love it when God shows me through my child how he loves me as his child.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I actually saw the video below on another blog...........It was worth copying!

Click on Link to watch video