Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I would like to hang out with this lady! I think that she may be a lot of fun!!!!!

We Love the Lake!!!!

We invaded my sister-in-laws family vacation at the lake this past weekend! We love going to the lake. K was a fish in the water and did not want to get out! He enjoyed playing with his cousins and also enjoyed some watermelon. I am not too sure how sanitary the watermelon was mixed with the lake water. I like to think that these types of things give him the immune system of a horse. It makes me feel better about my parenting skills atleast. I guess it is better than the time that we found Addie eating watermelon at the lake and later realized that no one with us had watermelon. Yep, I think that she found it floating.............this same day we were throwing bread to the ducks in the water and she was swimming out, getting the bread, and feeding herself with it. Good Times!