Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a Swingin'

This is how we sometimes like to watch t.v.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Headed to church! I figure the earlier you get them in there the better!

This shot is to show off baby girl's hair! Yep, that is a bow and a spiked do!

Baby girl (4 weeks old)

K watching cartoons upside down.

still upside down.

So, the two children above have been keeping us VERY busy! K loves his new little sister. Sometimes he loves her too much and is a little rough but that is better than he not liking her, I guess! I have already begun praying that these two will love one another as my brother and I do. Two is certainly a new challenge but we are making it. We are still waiting for things to run smoothly................still waiting. We are are so blessed to have 2 healthy babies! I am so thankful. I am also thankful for a husband who does so much to help.

I am also thankful for a mother who looked at me this week and decided that I was a mess and provided me with a chiropractic visit (where things were popped back into place) a massage and a carwash. She knows that I would never do these things for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage but did not realize that a massage would leave me feeling so sore. I guess I should have spoken up when the girl told me to tell her if she was too forceful. Oh, well, it was still a wonderful, peaceful experience. Thanks mom!