Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A gift from God

"charis"-It is the Greek word for grace. One of the meanings of the word is a gift that brought pleasure to another. It can also refer to the thankfulness felt for a gift or favor. The most significant way we use the word is in speaking of God's salvation. We are saved by grace...GRACE-God's Riches At Christ's Expense.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peace on Earth

I recently read an email that talked about some sort of yellow shirt and a mother and daughter passing it between them and in the end it talked about how the daughter realized what her mother had given her after her death. I can't remember it word for word and have deleted it into internet space but I remember the jest of it.

It talked about the peace that the daughter was left with after her mother died because she knew that she was in heaven and that she would see her again. I have experienced this peace. I believe that the best gift that my dad could have given me, he did. He left me with the peace of knowing that his heart belonged to Jesus Christ and that he would live eternally with him. He left me with the peace that I would one day see him again. He left me with a peace, which I often cling to in times of sadness, that although he did not get to experience my children here on this earth that he will one day meet them. I truly believe that he already knows them. Thank you Jesus for offering you perfect peace to us in so many ways!

This is what "Peace on the Earth" meant to me this year. Because my heavenly father sent his son to die on a cruel cross for me I will see my earthly father again. I have a peace on this earth!