Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Tandom

Random 1

We went to the Mardi Gras Kids Parade at PCB. I could not find Karas' toboggan so this is what happened. People were taking pictures but she did not care!

Random 2

Do Not Fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

I am sure that I have heard and read this verse before but I read it lately and it really stood out to me. I love it and it is currently my favorite verse. That's it.

Random 3

The other day I was subbing in a Kindergarten classroom and I told a student to take a paper home and have mommy read over it with him. He told me that he did not have a mommy. Divorce is so prevalent these days, so I just assumed that he lived with Daddy. WRONG! I asked him where mommy was and he replied "Heaven". I said, "you know what? My daddy lives there to. They probably know each other, you think?" He said with a little smile, "yeah, probably" and laid down on his nap mat. I fought back tears with all that I had and even shed some because the room was dark for naptime. He didn't though. He was fine with it. He handled the conversation much better than I did. I realized at that moment that I felt 5 years old. I felt like me and this precious little boy had a deep connection. I was 25 when my dad died but I literally felt 5 years old. I don't think it is easy at any age but his "Childlike" faith has stayed in my mind. Jesus tells us to have childlike faith and this little boy was a testimony to that for me. He knew that mommy was in heaven with Jesus. He trusted that, He believed that, and He took his nap.

Random 4

Things the Kingster is saying these days:
"Mommy, I need a pop tart please"....."Mommy, You Understand Me?"

"Mommy, You are a big girl, do not be Ugy (ugly) to Daddy!"

His Prayers (precious) He ends them with "Good Night Jesus"

Before bed "Mommy, I need to brush my teeth and put on my oderant (deoderant)" (then I have to ooh and ahh over his clean teeth and fresh underarms.

"Wait.....Wait......Just wait a minute" (with both hands up) (usually when I am telling him to do something)

"Kingsley how was your day at school?".............."Don't talk mommy" (I guess he is tired?)

We were at the beach last weekend and I had a bag that I was putting shells in. Apparently the seagulls thought that it was food because 100 of them suddenly appeared over mine and King's head. I threw the bag and started running. King was behind me screaming "Mommy wait" "Mommy wait.... I love you". I guess that he was reminding me so that I wouldn't leave him behind. Too funny!

The End


lindseykennedy said...

I feel sad for Karas. She can come live with me from now on.

I love the verse and all the things Kingsley is saying now. cute.

Jessica said...

Karas' "hat" is hilarious! I have to give you props for your creativity though - I don't think that option would have even entered my head. And by the way your conversation with that 5 year old friend caused a Thursday afternoon meltdown for this gal. Such a sweet reminder from the Lord of the faith he intended for us to keep and the gift that awaits us.

Courtney said...

I am just proud to read that King is wanting to be clean. That blesses my soul!